Girls’ Toddler Bed Designs

Girls are born with a strong bond tied to colors and designs. Most of them when young would want to be a princesses and adorn themselves with bright beautiful colors and attires that reflect they are indeed princesses. Choosing a toddler travel bed for a girl goes further than just choosing one that is cost effective, is good in size but one that also fits a certain theme or their favorite character.

Girls’ Toddler Bed Designs
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Unfortunately not all girls are carried away by the same design, you may have two girls who are very different. Shopping for the two is not easy leave alone having them agree on the same theme. Not all the girls love pink color any more, there are many other colors that they love. Today, each girl’s bedroom is decorated according to their personality that comes in different styles, colors, designs etc. There is much consideration that goes into selecting a girl’s furniture. The preferences are to be met in their very best. Toddler beds come in all designs and shapes – Cinderella beds, Disney princess twin beds, sleigh shaped beds, standard pink girls toddler beds, princes canopy beds etc.

Here we look at a few favorite toddler beds for girls:

Princess toddler bed: They come in different models that excites the imagination of the little girl who is using it. Some of the princess beds are so detailed with the palace details making them look real. This creates a real fantasy world for the girl. Most of the princess beds comes in color pink and have features that display royalty from a far. They mostly have crowns on the posts, head and foot board and have canopies that look like the palace. Most come fitted with a mattress and beddings that also reads royal.

Toddler beds that display royalty include:

+ Disney princess toddler beds + Dora the explorer toddler beds + Sofia the first toddler beds The above collections are all loved by the girls who girly girls. There are other girls who are like tomboys and are very uncomfortable with pink girly stuff. They can be made comfortable in Little Tikes toddler bed that caters for both boys and girls. Little Tikes toddler beds offers a variety of toddler beds that your tomboy girl will love.They come in a variety of color and designs that your girl will love. Some girls want to steer the ship/boat others want to drive a car or lazily get pampered by the horses’ carriage – all this is catered for by the Little Tikes collection. Most of these girls’ toddler beds are very expensive. Some of the more expensive ones like castles are made with hardwood and veneers which makes them quite expensive and costly. The beauty of most if not all of these toddler beds is that they allow the use of a crib mattress which makes it less expensive. There is something out there that suits your family’s budget without having to rob the bank. As the girls grow, there are some who love the all grown feel and would like to express that on their beds too. This is also catered for by the Tiffany toddler bed. Tiffany toddler bed: This is a lovely white bed that gives a girls room elegant and poise. It brings out a grown-up girl effect on the girl by their headboard and footboard. The classic white beautiful finish is a sure way to please you toddler, who will want to keep this bed for the rest of their lives. All these designs allow the child to have different imaginations as they grow up that is healthy to develop their mind and keep them happy. Their imagination is all they have as little as they are and it is best they utilize it for a good reason. Until the imagination comes into a real picture, they entrust you to help them in their search of the imagination site which is their toddler bed. The imagination allows the child to build their thinking capacity and get independent in their young life to avoid clinging to the parent all the time. A toddler bed will help you know exactly who your child‘s greatest hero is and who they aspire to be in their young days.

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